A High-Quality CPM Schedule

is crucial for a successful construction project


At least a quarter of all construction projects end up costing over, sometimes WAY over, the initial estimated cost. And over three-quarters of projects are not completed on time. That is why it is essential to have a clearly laid out schedule and workable plan of execution from the beginning. And not only that but a trusted advisor who can manage the process from inception to completion. That’s where Critical Path Method Scheduling comes in.

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What is CPM (Critical Path Method)?

CPM or Critical Path Method is the most effective way to manage projects that have multiple areas to consider. In any construction project, there are many different contractors being used in various industries in order to bring it to completion. The critical path method takes every single step and breaks them down into bite-sized pieces and then brings them back together into a clearly prioritized plan. It takes into consideration the minimal to maximum time each activity will take, which ones can be done simultaneously, and many other factors to determine your most critical path for the greatest results.

Applying CPM Scheduling

A qualified consultant then takes the knowledge gained in laying out your schedule and applies it every step of the way, keeping each task in its appropriate scope and time, adjusting and documenting necessary changes, accounting for each group and activity along the way. 

At Dynamic CPM we are truly passionate about making your project into the greatest possible experience for all concerned. We Use Primavera software and extensive knowledge of multiple construction industries to keep your project on time and budget.

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