Top-Notch Consulting Services for Every Project

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CPM Project Management

Top-Notch Consulting Services for Every Project

Your success is our passion. We want to find the best possible solution for you. Every project is unique, so we adjust to your needs and bring specialized skills to ensure your project is a success from start to finish. The experience and abilities we bring to projects are invaluable and as unique as the project itself.

Whether you are an owner, developer, contractor, we come alongside and manage the process every step of the way. Our planning and scheduling work as an early warning system to avoid problems along the way, set expectations, correctly monitor work scope, process changes efficiently, and more. We help to ensure your project is on time and on budget while avoiding the mistakes that can compromise quality. This builds confidence and communication for all concerned parties, leading to greater trust and future opportunities.

We bring expertise to whatever your needs are:

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  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Forensics
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Claims Avoidance
  • Independent Third Party Evaluation


  • Baseline Development
  • Preliminary/Bid Schedule
  • Strategic Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Contractor Management
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Schedule Validation
  • Delay and Disruption
  • Independent Third Party Evaluation


  • Software training Primavera P6
  • Claims perspective
  • Properly update, manage, progress schedule 

Owner’s Representation:

  • Contract Management
  • Sub-Contract Management
  • Monthly Narrative
  • Job Walks
  • Photos of Progress

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Project Management Support

Project Managers have so many balls to juggle and so many things up in the air at the same time. Critical Path Management is absolutely essential to ensuring the most critical pieces of your project are focused on all along the way. It is crucial that energy and time are spent in the right areas at the right time. We work side by side with your project managers and others to ensure they are able to stay focused and spending energy on the most critical parts of your project at the essential time. This aids them in being very successful at their jobs which leads to your project success. 

It saves you lots of time and money ensuring the schedule is accurate and moving forward in the best possible way throughout the life of your project.

Let Dynamic CPM help your successful project!